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Community Partnerships

The Keys Academy Trust

St Mary's Church in Wargrave

Crazies Hill & Cockpole Green Residents' Association

School Field

The field is entrusted to the school with the proviso that it should be available for informal use by the community outside school hours. The governors have decided that this objective can best be met by introducing some formal measures to clarify what community use does and does not include.

  • A notice at the field’s entrance states that the field is private, but that the school can authorise other community use

  • Our definition of the “community” is everyone living within the school’s catchment area, which includes Cockpole Green and Holly Cross, Templecombe, Rosehill, Remenham Hill, Remenham, Aston as well as Crazies Hill itself.

  • Conditions of permitted use are specified

  • Times when the field can be used are specified – outside term-time hours and when not in use by the school and between 9am and the earlier of 8pm or dusk

  • A form is provided by which members of the “community” can request permission to use the field

  • School families who live outside of the “community” can apply to the school for permission to use the field for a specific event

A management committee has been formed to supervise use of the field outside of school use who can be contacted at:

If you have any general comments or concerns about the use of the field, please contact the School Governors during School term and hours at

The governors reserve the right to withdraw permission if the conditions of use are not upheld.

Click here to apply to become an authorised visitor